penny for your thoughts

I just wanna drink my life away.

— 2 months ago

I miss everything about you. I’ve tried movong for a fresh start but the past always catches up to me. It kills me every night.

— 2 months ago
Drunk vemt

Drunk vemt

— 3 months ago

All I want is to havr ypu in my aems

— 3 months ago

This nigguh cleans the whole house and cleans for a married girl just to fuck. But too lazy to clean his mess in the room and just wanna smoke weed lol

— 3 months ago with 1 note
500 miles away and I still miss you like crazy

That dream just made everything worst. The one that got away.

— 4 months ago

Man I did not want this to happen. this niggas starting to smoke in the damn room talking about it won’t linger on our stuff. Everything lingers especially fucking weed. This a damn garage but its also our room. Smfh. I smell this shit through my damn blanket dogg foreal..

— 4 months ago with 1 note

I try to be a nice person a good human being I do almost nothing wrong just so I can have a little good karma to come to me but im a magnet for the bad karma. I see shitty ass people just have everything fall on their laps I envy it a lot

— 5 months ago with 1 note
My Weakness

LADIES once I come across a beaut I forget how to speak proper english

— 5 months ago